alright so after being on the roof with cora, she was too scared to try and maneuver her way off the way we got on because the fence is really unsafe and should net be stood on, so i had to strip down to my bra and underwear and jump off the roof into the pool without dying, which i am pretty sure was a real possibility  then i had to run back and forth trying to get a fucking ladder for this bitch in basically my bra and a pair of very short shorts and it took forever and too much.

i was mostly naked for much of this story and it was weird. 

now i have to wait for my clothes and hair to dry.

edit: i could really go for a glass of wine right now.

and cora promised me wine.

oupss another edit: im pretty sure i kind of fucked up my ankle jumping off the roof. it doesnt feel right.

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#me #this is a story about my life right now #hope everyone enjoys it